Introduction to Gender Affirming Self Hypnosis


What is Hypno?

"Hypno" is a set of videos that helps people to explore and understand their own gender identity and gender expression through self hypnosis. 

Hypno tends to fall into two stylistic categories. The first style is porn with a hypnosis theme. So, it could be a video with a spinning spiral, hypnotic phrases and slow repetitive pacing. The other style of hypno content is PMVs (Porn Music Videos).

The commonality with both styles of hypno is that they offer a way for the viewer to change in some desired way. Most often the desired change is feminization, but any type of inner change is possible. For instance, hypno could help you explore your gender identity or sexuality. It could be made to induce a state of submission. It could even be used to dissolve guilt and shame around certain behaviors.

Here are some videos that will help introduce you to a few different types of hypno. Start with whatever category appeals to you. Then, explore another category, or dive into the full library of content on the Hypnotube site.


Gender Neutral

New Student Thumbnail

I Exist For Cock Thumbnail

Mirror Cock Thumbnail

Bimbo Brainwashing Thumbnail

Sissy Based

Acceptance Thumbnail

Sissy Cuckold Transformation Thumbnail

Hypnotic Feminization Thumbnail

Hypno Sissy Slut Thumbnail

Feminization Focused

Feminization Thumbnail

This Is Your Future Sissy Thumbnail

You Are The Girl Thumbnail

Feminization Hypno Training Session Thumbnail

PMV Style

Suck My Cock Fuck My Butt Thumbnail

Limp Dreams Sissy Trainer Thumbnail

Femme Thumbnail

Cockslut Obsession Thumbnail

About this page

In 2021, the founder and core team of Hypnotube, a video sharing site dedicated to gender affirming self hypnosis, were concerned that some folks, new to the genre, were being overwhelmed by the volume of different videos on the site.  It's difficult to know where to start!   That team curated a list of good "starter" videos and created this page to share them.  

As Hypnotube is changing, it may cease to have the same kinds of static pages.  In order to save this valuable resource, the Hypnofem Club brought this page over to our site.  All links are back to videos that continue to be hosted on the Hypnotube site.  

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